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02 Jul 2015

Toxicology LIS for Gain Efficiency

Long hours spent pouring over test results, writing reports, and trying to decipher the writing and messages of others can be exhausting for everyone working at a toxicology lab Let’s face it! Working in a lab can be tough and rather stressful. The time consuming processes involved can be made a bit better through the use of toxicology LIS software. In fact, those boring hours of trying to read illegible handwriting could end altogether with the new cloud LIS software from LIMSABC.


Efficiency Gains with Toxicology LIS Software

The use of toxicology LIS software in the workplace is an important consideration for a lab. Whether you work in a lab or are running a collection of labs, this cloud LIS software offers ease of access for nearly every point of care. In fact, toxicology LIS software allows for the tracking of patient point of care and a list of current prescription medications for each patient with a few easy clicks of the mouse. Cloud LIS technology makes reports available online for those who need access them, while still maintaining HIPPA level privacy and standards. Those with access can even calculate result consistency of a given set of data with a few keystrokes. With LIS software the users can handle EMR integration while recording ICD-9 and ICD-10 with ease. LIMSABC is the one stop shop of LIS software for labs and other health organizations.

Client Gains from Cloud LIS Software

The lab itself is not the only thing that will gain from the use of toxicology LIS software. Clients can also benefit from the organization and efficiency that is obtained through this technology. A lab can deal with hundreds or thousands of test results daily. These results may be needed by the CDC, a local physician, or even another lab that was overwhelmed. No matter where the results are needed, the recording organization and movement of these results should be top priority. There are patients and physicians waiting for this data. Cloud LIS software takes the worry about the dissemination of test results and keeping such records organized. Billing is also made easier with the ability to manage insurance providers and billing within the overall toxicology LIS system. LIMSABC is the premiere provider for toxicology LIS technology globally.

Improved Profits with LIMSABC’s LIS Software

The professionals at LIMSABC understand that labs not only need to be efficient, they also need to be profitable entities. With the development of LIMSABC’s state of the art toxicology LIS software, your lab’s profits will increase. Call 800-834-8618 for a free consultation regarding cloud LIS software.

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