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01 Jul 2015

LIMS Benefits

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as a software based solution provides information management systems for laboratories. LIMS has always been associated with complex implementation and high development costs.

To mitigate these issues, LIMS ABC developed LIMS ABC Platform, a powerful tool using light and fast technology specifically to be deployed on inexpensive hardware. To prove the technology, LIMS ABC Platform is offering free of accounts for those with less than 3 users.


LIMSABC Platform – Free LIMS for 3 users or Less

In deciding on any LIMS, it's essential to take a good look at what you do and how you do it; as well as how you would LIKE to get things accomplished. With LIMS ABC Platform, you can test the options and chose the best one for your needs.

Cloud LIMS can be the way to go in many circumstances. LIMS ABC Platform even offers Amazon Cloud LIMS for extended flexibility. For startup labs and small labs, LIMS ABC can be the best solution on the market today. For the first time, free LMS is being offered for clients who need only 3 users or less.

Free Cloud LIMS with LIMSABC Platform

Not every LIMS is right for every lab, so it's important that either it be specific to your type of lab or modular, and/or configurable enough to be able to address your unique requirements. Specific or custom-built LIMS applications have the advantage of being fine-tuned to your exact needs but are severely limited, usually requiring expensive and difficult code re-writing to add features or adapt to any changes in procedures or workflow. 

LIMS ABC Platform is based on PHP/JQuery/MySql, some of the most popular web development tools, translated into easy to find developers, documentation, tutorials and third party consultants.

Should you select a configurable LIMS, you'll want to know if it can be set up to serve your processes. It's worth noting whether the hosting provider serves clients as diverse as environmental, forensics, clinical, agricultural, manufacturing, Life Sciences and others. Being developed on JQuery/HTML, LIMS ABC Platform simply works on any browser with effortless deployment using standard HTML5.

LIMS ABC Platform allows BAs and Users to create data models and functional applications with a click of a mouse. Developers can take the applications further and enhance them into perfect yet flexible hosted or cloud LIMS solutions.

Cloud LIMS – Functionality at Low Costs

LIMS ABC Platform makes using a cloud solution for your LIMS easier than ever. With out of the box functionality and a minimal initial investment, our platform presents a great value proposition. LIMS ABC Platformactually allows your budget to be spent on business value configuration/development and not on complex licensing.  

Clinical LIMS made easy with LIMSABC Platform

The LIMS consultant experts at LIMS ABC ensure that the LIMS solution selected for your lab is an interactive and intelligent application, instead of just a data warehouse system. We have your long term benefit in mind while minding your immediate requirements. As such, LIMS ABC's work invariably translates into your lab's ability to make remarkable progress with its test data and activities.

All LIMS ABC consultants have at least 5 years of professional experience implementing LIMS solutions. They can understand your lab process quickly and using the LIMS ABC Platform, implement it even faster.

For more information on LIMS ABC Platform or to open your free cloud LIMS account, please contact LIMS ABC.

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