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02 Jul 2015

Sample Management with a Top Notch LIMS

In any lab facility, sample management can be completely problematic. Although nearly every employee has good intentions, sometimes they drop the ball and fail to complete their tasks from start to finish. Typically, the excuse is that they are overworked or left for a moment and the sample was gone. There are no acceptable excuses in a lab setting. You shouldn’t need to hang “No Samples Left Behind” signs on the walls of the facility! The right LIMS Software will allow others to see who had the sample last and hold that person responsible for the missing sample. LIMS ABC offers the highest quality Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) that will aid in the following the chain of custody for samples within a facility.


The Best LIMS Software for Sample Management

It is of the utmost importance that all samples are maintained properly and according to the lab’s standards. Those that get misplaced, even for a short period of time can compromise the viability of the resulting data. This should be considered unacceptable in all labs, even those that are relatively small. Data quality is crucial to the lab being considered a quality facility that produces data with integrity. Just any LIMS Software won’t serve the purpose properly. Managing samples can be simplified with a state of the art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). A LIMS from LIMS ABC can make managing the whereabouts and testing results of samples a snap.

Managing Samples with High Quality LIMS Software

Sample management plays a major role in a lab facility’s ability to operate efficiently. Knowing where each sample is and who had it in their care and custody is imperative. Without a custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), this is nearly impossible to do. Sample management is a big part of quality control in the lab facility. LIMS ABC can provide your organization with a custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that will streamline your lab’s processes and ensure that all samples are managed properly.

The Best LIMS for Sample Management

Honestly, there is no best LIMS for sample management, but there is the best LIMS for your facility. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that has been created to your requirements IS the best LIMS for your lab. LIMS ABC’s custom Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) will be designed to fulfill all of the needs of your users. Call 800-834-8618 to learn how LIMS ABC can virtually eliminate lost and compromised samples.

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