LIMS ABC Platform is offered free of charge for accounts with 3 users or less. To help new LIMS ABC customers become acquainted with LIMS, LIMS ABC Platform has been introduced as a free solution. This complimentary package can be used to run and deploy LIMS and provides administrators with complete access to the full range of LIMS ABC Modules: patient management, QC management, project management, bio-sample tracking, HL7 data integration, report delivery and instrument management.

Free Cloud from Amazon - LIMSABC Platform

In certain situations, LIMS ABC Platform can qualify for free cloud LIMS, within the limitations of Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers. For smaller and even medium sized labs, our LIMS ABC Platform can be completely free, from design to deployment and operation. The ability to deploy LIMS on the cloud without charge has never been possible before. By using LIMS ABC Platform that has been designed specifically to work on a cloud environment, the necessary operational resources have been reduced to accommodate the cloud.

LIMSABC Platform – Flexible Support Plans for LIMS

LIMS ABC Support Services allow you to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness with LIMS ABC Platform. Our Support Team is highly trained in LIMS ABC Platform and possesses expertise in biology, chemistry, life sciences and the information technologies our products support. Our Support Specialists are organized by solution technologies. Customers having multiple modules deployed within our LIMS ABC Platform can expect to be working with multiple people when they contact LIMS ABC Support.

Free Cloud LIMS – LIMSABC Platform

All clients are assigned to a Product Support Specialist who will treat their issue as if it were the only problem in the world. The Support Specialist will immediately begin to troubleshoot the issue and provide a temporary solution until the problem can be permanently resolved. Any possible defects are transferred to our defect tracking system for remediation. Test Environments are also handled by our experienced Support Specialists.

(Never tell a client that they might not be your top priority or that you will decide which client is more of a priority. You will lose business that way!)

LIMSABC on Amazon Web Services for Free

When you contact Technical Support via our web portal or web form, our ticket tracking system automatically generates your case number, and sends an auto-response indicating that your inquiry has been received. As a part of the maintenance feature of this service, LIMS ABC releases software upgrades that may include new features. Minor updates will be posted on our Support website for immediate download. A Support or Services Manager will contact customers with customer specific release notifications.  

LIMS ABC also offers hosting solutions included in most of our support plans. For more information on our Support Plans and free consultation on LIMS ABC Platform, LIMS design and implementation, free cloud LIMS, feel free to contact LIMS ABC.