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An all-in-one secure system that minimize turnaround time and minimizes errors putting the patient first

LIMSABC Physician Portal facilitates better decision-making, reduces administrative burden, and improves patient care. From a patient's perspective, an efficient Physician Portal can mean quicker test results, more informed care, and ultimately, better health outcomes.


Seamlessly communicate with your doctors.


Physicians can quickly and easily order tests, access results, and view patient histories, eliminating the need for phone calls, faxes, or manual searches through patient records.

Enhanced Communication

Pysicians can receive instant notifications of lab results, thereby reducing the turnaround time for diagnosis and treatment. This real-time communication allows for quicker response to critical results, aiding in patient care.

Comprehensive Patient Data

The ability to view historical reports and trending data can offer invaluable insight into a patient's condition over time. This can facilitate better understanding of the disease progression and response to treatment, leading to more informed medical decisions.


The Physician Portal can be integrated with other healthcare systems (like EHRs, EMRs), enabling seamless information flow and reducing data redundancy.

Inventory Management

LIMSABC Physician Portal Solution allows the ability to order supplies directly through the portal simplifies inventory management and ensures that labs are adequately stocked at all times.

Remote Access

A cloud-based LIS like LIMSABC allows doctors to access the portal from anywhere, at any time, improving convenience and ensuring continuity of care.

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