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An all-in-one secure system that minimizes turnaround time and minimizes errors putting the patient first

LIMSABC can play a vital role in helping local Public Health Laboratories to deliver high-quality services to the community. By improving data management, workflow efficiency, quality control, collaboration, and security, LIMSABC can help Public Health Laboratories to better serve the needs of their constituents and support the broader public health mission.

Enhanced Data Management in Public Health

LIMSABC LIMS Software Solution helps to manage and organize large volumes of data, including patient information, test results, and other relevant details. This can help to improve data accuracy and redufce the risk of errors, as well as facilitate data analysis and reporting.

Workflow Efficiency

LIMSABC Software Solution can streamline various processes and tasks within the laboratory, such as sample processing, result reporting, and quality control. This can help to reduce workload and improve overall efficiency


Create doctor, client, panel level and insurance specific templates; use the report editor to create or modify templates in minutes.

Enhanced Security

LIMSABC Software Solution can help to protect sensitive patient and laboratory data by providing secure storage and access controls.

Sample Management

Print and scan bar codes, track full chain of custody; add in biosample repository for an even greater level of detail.

Enhanced Quality Control

LIMSABC Software Solution can help to improve the quality of laboratory services by automating quality control processes and providing tools for tracking and evaluating performance

Better Collaboration

LIMSABC can facilitate communication and collaboration between different departments and personnel within the laboratory, as well as with external partners such as hospitals and other public health agencies.

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