Cloud LIMS with LIMSABC Platform

Fotolia 54751867 XSBy deploying your application using a cloud solution based on LIMS ABC Platform, it enables you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not the typical hours or days. You can commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Of course, because all of this is controlled with web service APIs, your LIMS ABC Platform based application can automatically scale itself up and down depending on its needs.

Completely Controlled – LIMSABC Cloud LIMS

With LIMS ABC Cloud LIMS, you'll have complete control of your instances and have root access to each one. You'll have the ability to interact with them just as you would with any machine.

LIMS ABC Cloud LIMS allows you to stop your instance, while retaining the data on your boot partition. Then, you can subsequently restart the same instance using web service APIs. Instances can also be rebooted remotely using web service APIs. The ability to access the console output of your instances is also provided for.

LIMSABC Platform – The Most Advanced LIMS Solutions

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as a software based solution provides information management systems for laboratories. LIMS has always been associated with complex implementation and high development costs.

To mitigate these issues, LIMS ABC developed LIMS ABC Platform, a powerful tool using light and fast technology specifically to be deployed on inexpensive hardware. To prove the technology, LIMS ABC Platform is offering free of accounts for those with less than 3 users.

LIMSABC Platform – Free LIMS for 3 users or Less

In deciding on any LIMS, it's essential to take a good look at what you do and how you do it; as well as how you would LIKE to get things accomplished. With LIMS ABC Platform, you can test the options and chose the best one for your needs.

Cloud LIMS can be the way to go in many circumstances. LIMS ABC Platform even offers Amazon Cloud LIMS for extended flexibility. For startup labs and small labs, LIMS ABC can be the best solution on the market today. For the first time, free LMS is being offered for clients who need only 3 users or less.