Better Bookkeeping with LIMS for Recreational Marijuana Labs

Every recreational marijuana lab needs to have a highly skilled bookkeeping department to maintain and oversee their finances, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash sales and taxes paid. All of this is essential to ensure the cannabis facility runs smoothly and within the law for tax purposes. Without the ability to keep meticulous records, the recreational marijuana lab could be fined, have their licenses suspended or worse, be closed permanently. Cloud LIMS software that is specifically designed for maintaining financial records, as well as other important data can help to ensure the accuracy of the books. LIMS from LIMS ABC offers the flexibility for recreational marijuana labs to effectively manage their books, samples, equipment and other important data.

Handling Invoices with LIMS for Medical Marijuana Labs

With the inception of the new legislation popping up in a variety of states allowing patients with certain afflictions to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, medical marijuana labs were faced with the dilemma of managing their invoices. Doing this manually in this day and age is no different than doing so with a rock and a chisel. It just isn’t an effective and efficient way to get things done. Unfortunately, none of the LIMS software companies bothered to try developing a cloud LIMS solution for medical marijuana labs. That is true, until LIMS ABC saw the need and found a solution with LIMS ABC’s innovative cloud LIMS software for medical marijuana labs.

Maintaining Clients’ Financial Records with LIMS for Medical Marijuana Labs

It is of the utmost importance that all organizations keep meticulous financial records. This is also true for medical marijuana labs and recreational cannabis facilities. Proper bookkeeping can help to keep accurate records of all transactions, including those that have yet to be paid. Unfortunately, the LIMS software developers have avoided working on solutions for medical marijuana labs and recreational cannabis facilities. For the most part, many developers were concerned about the social reaction to their working on such projects. The controversy surrounding the sale of marijuana be it for medicinal or recreational purposes is too scary for many companies, as they are concerned with what their clients will think. Fortunately, LIMS ABC embraced the challenge and developed the first cloud LIMS software specifically created for those in the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industries.

Managing Prices and Discounts with LIMS for Recreational Marijuana Labs

Since the laws have been changed in the great State of Colorado regarding the sales and use of recreational marijuana, more and more states are considering allowing their citizens to buy and use cannabis for recreational purposes. This is a major issue for many people and has caused controversy for a long time. Too many LIMS software companies were fearful of addressing the needs of recreational marijuana labs for fear of repercussions from clients who do not believe this should be an acceptable practice. Political and moral views should not cause roadblocks in the software development industry. Unfortunately, many companies don’t want to deal with the controversy of creating cloud LIMS software for recreational marijuana labs. Luckily, LIMS ABC refused to stand down, and developed the first LIMS software geared entirely for recreational marijuana labs.