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02 Jul 2015

Toxicology LIS for Greater Client Satisfaction

Clients keep a business open and this is also true when it comes to the toxicology lab. This statement is simple, yet quite profound. Without regular clientele, no business can function, let alone be profitable. The clients at a toxicology lab facility generally vary greatly. Lab work can be necessary for physicians, geneticists, veterinarians, scientists, and several other medical or professional facilities. This lab work may be needed immediately or over time, but the clients are surely needed to keep the lab in business. This means that those clients must be kept happy or their business will be taken elsewhere. LIMSABC provides a toxicology LIS system that will help labs’ develop a greater client satisfaction.



Client Management through Toxicology LIS Software

Cloud LIS software can help you keep clients happy with user friendly software that will streamline even the largest of jobs. After all, fast and accurate results are what your clients’ desire most, as far as toxicology lab services are concerned. Cloud LIS technology allows for tracking of point of care test results for all of the patients and clients, as well as the tracking of any and all prescription medications that may change or alter results. Users can calculate result consistency with ease with a point and click program. This will have administrators and lab employees wondering why this technology was not put in place before. Client files can even be accessed online with the proper credentials and access codes on toxicology LIS software. These files are placed on the cloud LIS so they can be accessed as needed according to HIPAA rules and regulations. LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS software can save time and increase profits for the lab.

Even More Cloud LIS Benefits

LIS software does not stop with client management, even more benefits are available. Toxicology LIS software allows for the integration of HL7 billing to make the transition much simpler than expected. ICD-9 and ICD-10 reports are easily stored and all client records can be managed within the cloud LIS system. Even the insurance providers can be managed with ease. The toxicology LIS software from LIMSABC is truly a one stop shop for client information and results.

LIMSABC Offering a Custom Toxicology LIMS

When your toxicology lab facility plans to move into the integrated technology age in which patient data is stored, organized, and accessible while still being safe, LIMSABC is the software company to contact. Call 800-834-8618 to see how your lab can benefit from LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS technology.

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