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Toxicology LIS

There are so many different branches and fields of study or practice in the medical and scientific industry that a “one size fits all” LIS simply isn’t good enough. Running a drug screening lab requires both administration and employees to perform and document a whole host of tasks that the typical, generic Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) simply cannot handle. For this reason, it is essential that toxicology labs invest in a fully functional drug screening LIMS. The right cloud LIS software can make the entire lab run much more smoothly. LIMSABC’s innovative toxicology LIS will do just that!

Some Features of LIMSABC’s Toxicology LIS are:

  • Track Point of Care Test Results
  • Track Medications Prescribed
  • Calculate Result Consistency
  • Allows for Online Reports
  • EMR Integration
  • Manage Clients and Projects
  • Record ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • Patient Management
  • HL7 Billing Integration
  • Email, SMS and FAX Reporting
  • Manage Insurance Providers
  • Clean Reporting

Of course, LIMSABC is able to provide toxicology labs with other customized functions for cloud LIS software.

Toxicology LIS for Efficient Drug Screening Labs

Toxicology labs must maintain accurate information however; this can be a major problem for them if they are using a generic cloud LIMS. Let’s face it! Without the ability to clear and accurate data records, the drug screening lab simply is as efficient as it could be. If you talk where the rubber meets the road, a highly efficient toxicology lab is significantly more profitable than others lacking in the efficiency department. In all honesty, when a drug screening lad is efficient, the employees are much happier in their work and become even more productive. A pleasant and comfortable workplace for employees will surely boost profits hence; a state of the art toxicology LIS will improve your lab’s bottom line. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of cloud LIS software for toxicology labs worldwide.

LIMSABC, Opening New Doors for Toxicology Labs

At LIMSABC, we are always trying to find better solutions for managing all of the necessary information in drug screening labs. Our new toxicology LIS software has proven to be the best cloud LIS technology available today. LIMSABC will never stop trying to find innovative solutions for the toxicology lab and thus far, our cloud LIS software is the best available by far. Call 800-834-8618 to speak directly to the CEO of LIMSABC. He will be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation and explain all of the wonderful features of LIMSABC’s new toxicology LIMS.

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