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An all-in-one secure system that minimizes turnaround time and minimizes errors putting the patient first

LIMSABC can help a clinical laboratory to manage the operational and technical aspects of DTC testing, ensuring that results are accurate and delivered to customers in a timely and secure manner.

Convenience of Direct to Consumer

Direct to Consumer (DTC) testing allows consumers to access clinical laboratory tests without visiting a doctor or a healthcare facility.


DTC testing can increase access to laboratory tests for people in remote or underserved areas


DTC testing can be less expensive than traditional laboratory testing, as it eliminates the cost of a doctor's visit or laboratory fees

Increased patient engagement

DTC testing can encourage patients to take a proactive role in their health and wellness by providing them with relevant health information


DTC testing can preserve the privacy of individuals who may not want to discuss their health conditions with a doctor or a healthcare provider


LIMSABC for DTC testing can provide quicker results than traditional laboratory testing, as the tests can be taken at home and the results can be delivered directly to the consumer.

Better Collaboration

LIMSABC can facilitate communication and collaboration between different departments and personnel within the laboratory, as well as with external partners such as hospitals and other public health agencies.

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