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A LIMS to Revolutionize the Bio Banking Industry

With the medical field being geared more and more towards personalized medicine, the need for high quality Bio Banks has increased threefold over the past few decades. This drastic increase has also resulted in the need for high quality Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for Bio Banking solutions. Let’s face it; managing samples, and data and equipment effectively is crucial in the laboratory. Without an effective way to manage all of the operations in the facility, the reliability of the resulting data would be questionable at best. LIMSABC’s LIMS for the Bio Banking field will help to make the entire operation run more smoothly.

Bio Banking LIMS

The chain of custody of samples in a Bio Bank is something that is extremely important for maintaining accurate knowledge of the location of every sample within the facility. Samples that are missing and not logged out according to protocol would have to be considered as compromised. The knowledge of exactly where the sample is located and what testing, if any has been performed is the key to running a successful Bio Bank. Lost samples simply give the facility the reputation of being lax and unprofessional. The LIMS for Bio Banking solutions from LIMSABC will help to improve your labs ability to keep an accurate chain of command on all samples.

LIMS for Bio Banking Solutions

With the increase in the number of people waiting to have children until they are in their late thirties or forties, the need for Bio Banks to have the ability to store harvested eggs or sperm has rapidly increased as well. The cryopreserved reproductive tissue must be managed properly. This includes maintaining the proper chain of command, as well as maintaining the equipment at the correct temperatures. An issue with returning the incorrect donor gametes or donor embryo could result in a major lawsuit and the closing of the Bio Banking facility. A LIMS designed for Bio Banking solutions will help to reduce or eliminate the chance of lost, missing or switched cryopreserved reproductive tissue. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking LIMS will prove to be the most beneficial tool that your facility can have.

LIMSABC, Always Looking to the Future

The professional LIMS developers at LIMSABC are always looking to the future of LIMS in the Bio Banking field. Their dedication to developing the highest quality and most advanced Bio Banking solutions LIMS is second to none. To learn more about the Bio Banking LIMS from LIMSABC, call Gabriel Balint at 800-834-8618 for a free consultation.

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