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Compatible LIMS for the Bio Banking Field

The Bio Banking industry is booming these days however; it is essential that the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Bio Banking informatics used will be compatible with other systems utilized by different labs and repositories. Without some kind of standardization, the utilization of the vast majority of biological samples will be severely restricted. The ability to access information from other Bio Banking facilities can further advance your own research. A LIMS for Bio Banking informatics can prove to be a great asset to the facility. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking LIMS will allow you to access data from remote locations.

Bio Banking Informatics LIMS

Managing such a large volume of biological samples and data pertaining to each sample can be quite problematic for Bio Banks that do not have an adequate LIMS. A LIMS that has been designed to manage samples and data specifically for the Bio Banking industry is essential for streamlining protocol, processes and sample management. Now, LIMS users also have the unique ability to manage samples and date directly from their mobile devices. This cuts down on missing or lost samples, as well as inaccuracies on reported data. LIMSABC offers LIMS for Bio Banks that is compatible with most mobile devices.

Data Quality Improvement with Bio Banking Solutions

The quality of a Bio Bank’s data is of the utmost importance to the integrity of the facility. There are so many different factors that cause the resulting data’s quality to be compromised that it is difficult to ensure the data is completely accurate. A sample could easily be relocated without its new location being logged. Equipment could not have calibrated properly or often enough, resulting in compromise of the sample itself. Compromised samples or the resulting data could quickly result in the loss of reputation or accreditation which could quickly cause the Bio Banking facility to shut its doors, and cause a lot of people to be out of their jobs. There is a snowball effect when data is compromised. This can be eliminated by using a Bio Banking LIMS. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of LIMS for Bio Banking solutions.

LIMSABC: Providing Bio Banking Solutions

The LIMS developers at LIMSABC understand the needs of the Bio Banking industry. Their Bio Banking solutions are used in numerous Bio Banks all over the world. Contact Mr. Gabriel Balint, CEO of LIMSABC at 800-834-8618 for a free consultation about adding the Bio Banking LIMS from LIMSABC.

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