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LIMS and Bio Banking

More and more labs, bio banks and research facilities are realizing that Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are absolutely essential for their organization’s data. LIMS for biorepository uses are beneficial for academic medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organizations and even independent transportation businesses that deliver biological products to other facilities. The ability to track the location of samples with ease creates efficiency within the company. Efficient LIMS with bio-banking capabilities will drastically increase the productivity of your facility. This will result in a much more cost-effective laboratory. LIMS ABC has a stellar reputation for providing high quality LIMS that are complete with a bio-banking application.

BIO-Banking Applications for LIMS

There can be a large number of biological samples and other medical data that needs to be stored and managed on the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). For this volume of samples, an incredibly powerful LIMS with a highly effective biorepository application is a must. Bio-banking capable LIMS will give the user the ability to access the exact location of the samples quickly and easily. Not all LIMS can handle that many samples or manage as much data. At LIMS ABC, all Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) with bio-banking applications are custom configured to suit the needs of your lab.

LIMS and Biorepositories

Having a LIMS that is equipped with a biorepository application is extremely beneficial for organizations. With access to all of the samples’ locations and other important information, the lab facility will function much more smoothly. Bio-banking can also manage the patients’ consent, which is of the utmost importance. A patient may consent for the use of biological materiel for a single, particular form of research and not any other. A LIMS with biorepository capability is essential to proving the chain of custody of the samples which is a must, especially for forensic labs. With a bio-banking capable LIMS from LIMS ABC, your lab will have complete information as to where, when and how the samples are being stored. This improves data management markedly.

Complete Bio-Banking with LIMS

Many facilities are impressed with the amount and types of date that can be managed with LIMS ABC’s Laboratory Information Management Systems that are equipped with a bio-banking application. The wide range of data that can be managed is a major reason LIMS ABC is one of the most highly regarded LIMS companies around. Call 800-834-8618 to find out more about how a LIMS ABC system with biorepository capabilities can make your lab more efficient.

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