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LIMSABC for Bio Banking Solutions

Most Bio Banking facilities understand that having the right Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can be an incredible asset for their work. In the past, merging and accessing data that had originated at a variety of sources was quite problematic. Trying to integrate data in order for a number of users to access it was nearly impossible. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since them. A specialized LIMS for Bio Banking solutions can integrate data from studies that use different formats and collection methods. A Bio Banking LIMS can easily handle data that are constantly being updated, and provide an easy to use interface that doesn’t require users to have programming skills. LIMSABC provides Bio Banking solutions that will make your facility run much more smoothly and efficiently.

Bio Banking Solutions with LIMS

One of the most difficult issues faced by the Bio Banking facility is accurate sample management. Time is of the utmost importance in circumstances such as the handling of a surgically excised sample. The quality of the sample, as well as the generated data result can be severely compromised should proper protocol not be followed during sample collection, transportation, handling storage and testing. Managing the standardized protocols helps to ensure the repeatability of results in data generated from one laboratory to another. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking LIMS will make sample management easier, while increasing the reliability of results.

Genetic Bio Banking LIMS

Researchers in the genetic Bio Banking field require large amounts of samples in order to identify the genetic basis of a donors’ susceptibility to disease. The accuracy of the statistical analysis will vary widely without having a streamlined protocol for sample management, storage and data coding. For large scale projects, the right Bio Banking LIMS is an absolute necessity to ensure the reliability of the data. There’s no room for errors in the genetic Bio Banking facility hence; a user friendly LIMS is needed. LIMSABC is the premiere provider for genetic Bio Banking LIMS for Bio Banking facilities.

LIMSABC, a Cut above the Rest

The Bio Banking LIMS developers never stop striving to create better and more comprehensive Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for effective Bio Banking solutions. Facilities presently using the Bio Banking LIMS from LIMSABC have found an increase in the efficiency and data quality at the Bio Bank. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking application is easy for any user to utilize. Feel free to contact Gabriel Balint, CEO of LIMSABC for a free consultation at 800-834-8618.

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