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Mobile LIMS for Bio Banking Facilities

Bio banks are essential for biomedical research. A bio banking facility can literally manage thousands and thousands of specimens ranging from blood, sputum, plasma, tissue and purified DNA. Bio banks are like libraries for medical specimens. They are of the utmost importance for constantly improving medical knowledge. Every bio banking and bio repository facility uses some sort of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) however; the new advances in the LIMS software industry can make the management of specimens much easier and improves the reliability of the resulting data. Mobile LIMS software provides the users easy access to all of the necessary data right on their mobile devices. LIMSABC offers state of the art mobile LIMS software that is compatible with Androids, iPads and other tablets

Managing Specimens with Mobile LIMS Software

It can be difficult to locate biomedical specimens when there is only a single facility however; it can be a nightmare when numerous facilities house specimens. There is an incredible waste of time when samples cannot be found quickly and easily by the bio bank’s employees. It’s even worse when the specimens cannot be found at all. Mobile LIMS software allows the users to log and locate the specimens directly from their Androids, iPads and tablets. This makes it easier for the user to document the exact location of the sample to ensure accuracy as well of the chain of custody. LIMSABC provides bio banking and bio repository facilities with state of the art mobile LIMS software for better specimen management.

LIMS Software for Shared Bio Banked Specimens

It is quite commonplace in the bio banking industry to share specimens between unrelated medical research facilities. This is especially so when a facility is in need of specialized samples such as the blood from a female leukemia patient in her twenties or a fifty year old male smoker. Being able to access the specimens that can advance medical knowledge is crucial. A mobile LIMS can be linked together with other labs for the locating the right samples for their research. LIMSABC is the leading provider of mobile LIMS software to bio banks and bio repositories globally.

Free Consultation from LIMS ABC

Our professionals at LIMSABC feel that it is of the utmost importance that they thoroughly understand the needs and wants of our clients. This is the reason that LIMSABC offers free consultations for those organizations seeking top quality mobile LIMS software for their bio banks. Call 800-834-8618 to learn why LIMSABC is the premiere LIMS vendor for bio banks and bio repositories.

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