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The Complete Bio Banking LIMS from LIMSABC

Just as there are new advances in medical technology daily, there are also great new improvements regarding the sample and data management of biological material being made each and every day. Let’s face it; the ability to manage samples appropriately, and input data directly into a LIMS has helped to ensure that the resulting data is accurate. Of course, not every Laboratory Information Management System will provide all of the Bio Bank solutions required by Bio Banks these days. LIMSABC has developed a Bio Banking LIMS that will provide incredible Bio Banking solutions for your facility.

Bio Banking Solutions for Sample Management

Effectively managing biological samples seems to be the biggest issue face by the Bio Banking industry today. Considering the large number of people who need to access the physical sample, locating where it is at any given time can be problematic, at best. With a LIMS that has been designed to suit the needs of the Bio Banking industry, the ability to locate the exact placement of samples is made easy. The users can quickly input the info as to who they are, and the reason they have the sample in their possession. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of LIMS for Bio Banking solutions.

Easy Chain of Custody with Bio Banking LIMS

An accurate account of the chain of custody of samples maintained in a Bio Banking facility is essential to achieving accurate results. It is also important for ensuring that the biological samples have not been compromised or tainted. The ability to see which employee was the last one to possess a sample can reduce the chances of samples being lost or misplaced during the testing phases in the Bio Bank. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking LIMS makes it easy for users to log the movement of samples within the Bio Banking facility.

Mobile LIMS for Bio Banking Industry

It seems that every single person these days has an iPad or some kind of Android mobile device. This is actually a good thing for the Bio Banking industry as a whole. LIMS software that allows for users to access and input data from their mobile devices can make streamlining the Bio Bank so much easier. Keep in mind that not all LIMS for the Bio Banking industry have mobile capabilities. The mobile LIMS for the Bio Banking industry presented by LIMSABC makes the Bio Bank users’ jobs much easier.

Bio Banking Solutions for Equipment Management

Managing all of the different types of equipment used in the Bio Banking industry can be brutal. There are so many required inspections, as well as calibration checks that they are enough to make one’s head spin. As problematic as inspections and calibrations can be, they are absolutely necessary to ensure the equipment is functioning properly, and at the correct levels. Being able to prove correct equipment management is easy with a high quality LIMS for Bio Banking solutions. LIMSABC offers a completely viable LIMS for managing equipment in the Bio Banking industry.

Managing Data with a Bio Banking LIMS

The Bio Banking industry is all about the facility’s ability to manage data properly and effectively. This can truly be a major issue unless the Bio Bank has a LIMS that is designed to handle all of the necessary protocols for data management set forth by the industry. The right Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can make the world of difference in managing the resulting data in a Bio Bank facility. LIMSABC offers a state of the art LIMS designed specifically for making the Bio Banking industry’s ability to handle data management easier.

LIMS for Bio Banking Billing

Accurate billing can really create headaches for those in the Bio Banking billing department. LIMS software that allows for billing can be very helpful to the Bio Bank. The billing department will be able to see all of the testing that has been done on the biological samples, and sent an accurate statement to the customer. The ease of accessing the requested testing that has been done will make life so much easier for those generating the statements. LIMSABC’s Bio Banking LIMS includes the necessary software for accurately billing customers for the testing services rendered inside of the Bio Bank.

Improving Data Quality with Bio Banking Solutions

It is amazing at how much the quality of the data in a Bio Bank improves when a LIMS is introduced into the facility. A LIMS makes it simple for users to enter the info necessary. This includes the person who used the sample, what they did with it, and how long it was out of the storage area. The resulting data can also be immediately input into the LIMS software and thus; the chance of data loss is drastically reduced. LIMSABC offers a tried and true Bio Banking LIMS that helps to ensure that the quality of data is the best possible, providing the users actually input the data into the system.

LIMSABC: The Leader in Bio Banking LIMS

LIMSABC is staffed with expert developers who are dedicated to creating the most useful Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for the Bio Banking industry. They take the time to understand the needs of each individual Bio Bank and ensure that their LIMS product will be a good fit for them. Contact Gabriel Balint, the CEO of LIMSABC at 800-834-8618 for a personal and free consultation regarding LIMSABC’s LIMS for Bio Banking solutions.

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