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Cloud LIS Benefits Toxicology Labs

Imagine getting a call about a lab result that is needed immediately, but you are the only one that can find them. These results require you to dress quickly and rush to the office before your morning coffee. Now imagine how much better that scenario would have been if you have simply accessed a system on the cloud LIMS, and sent the data on to the person in need. The cloud toxicology LIS software allows data to be stored securely, according to HIPPA policies, and accessed by those that need it with a few simple keystrokes. It seems clients and physicians alike would be thankful for such easy access and you would not have to rush in without notice. LIMSABC is dedicated to making data access easier for toxicology lab employees.

Client Management with Toxicology LIS

Cloud LIS technology does so much more than provide ease of access to those who need it. Toxicology LIS software can also offer a better client management system. This is important because clients are the way to stay in business and make money. These clients must be kept happy with up to date and timely test results. Cloud LIS technology helps to organize all of this information and streamline the processes that need to occur as part of the actual lab work. LIMSABC’s reputation for providing toxicology LIS to labs is second to none.

Additional Toxicology LIS Benefits

Working in a lab can get a bit crazy, especially during an outbreak or epidemic. Lab results can get misplaced or lost when people are rushed. This may not be a common occurrence, but it does happen. Eliminate mistakes such as these with toxicology LIS software. Cloud LIS software allows for patient point of care tracking so everyone involved in a given case can know what has happened and when that occurred. Even the complicated task of tracking patient medication can be completed with the toxicology LIS system. One of the best parts for those that work in the lab is that the calculation of lab consistency is accomplished with a few simple clicks. LIS software takes lab work to the next level and makes a typically timely and tedious process one that can follow a patient from beginning to end in a computerized manner. In addition, LIS software allows for work after the patient has been discharged. The ability to handle HL7 billing integration and manage insurance providers is a welcome change. LIS technology is here to stay and LIMSABC will continue to keep your toxicology lab looking toward the future.

LIMSABC, The Future of Toxicology LIS Technology

LIMSABC is the most well-respected provider of toxicology LIS worldwide. Their dedication to aiding labs in their efforts to improve the quality of their data has earned them the title of being considered an industry leader. Call 800-834-8618 for more information on LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS software.

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