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LIMS Implementation

Proper LIMS implementation ensures the best use of your lab resources. As an experienced LIMS consultant company, LIMSABC provides you with a comprehensive and customized implementation solution for your lab. The LIMS implementation is comprised of 4 major aspects:

  • LIMS Business Analysis
  • LIMS Project Management
  • LIMS Configuration
  • LIMS Customization

The Only LIMS Implementation Specialist You Need

You can count on our LIMS implementation specialist to handle your LIMS implementation project from beginning to end and across all the aspects listed above. The quality of LIMS implementation will have a great impact on the efficacy of the system as well as your lab projects. As the premier provider of LIMS services, LIMSABC will make sure your LIMS implementation is a smooth process that transforms into a productive system for your lab.

Defining Requirements and Designing an Implementation Plan

Properly defining the current and future requirements of your laboratory is crucial for successful LIMS implementation. By defining the requirements clearly, our LIMS implementation specialist team ensures that a flexible and scalable LIMS is imported to your lab.

Once the requirements have been clearly defined, we design a LIMS implementation plan which is another key feature of our successful LIMS implementation. We use a thorough checklist prior to installation to collect the lab requirement details. These can vary from producing custom reports and utilizing things like scanners & data loggers to enterprise systems integration and reporting.

We offer comprehensive implementation services to ensure the success of your LIMS deployment including:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • System Architecture & Design
  • Software Installation, Testing and Integration
  • Instrument Interfacing
  • Data Migration
  • Knowledge Transfer & Training
  • Documentation
  • Post-project Reviews

Full Team Involvement

Among the features of poor LIMS implementation is not involving the whole laboratory team in the implementation process. Our LIMS implementation specialist takes your entire lab team on board as the implementation proceeds. Often, workers resist change because they are comfortable with their current system. At LIMSABC, we make it easy for your employees to learn the new LIMS system, making them much more accepting of the change.

By engaging your whole team, LIMSABC assures that your team does not view the new LIMS as a threat. Your lab projects will only succeed if your lab team accepts and is enthusiastic about the new system. To this end, our LIMS implementation specialist team fosters a smooth transition to the new LIMS.

LIMS Training

The influx of new technology, practices, workflows etc. warrants proper training. While budgetary constraints may put training on the top of the list of things to be written off, it can seriously impede your lab projects. All of the LIMS services that our LIMS consultants deliver are cost-effective; therefore our LIMS implementation solution will not force you to make such potentially disastrous decisions. Our LIMS implementation specialist team conducts proper training of your lab staff to ensure the best application of your new LIMS.

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