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LIMS Project Management

As specialist LIMS consultants, LIMSABC provides advanced custom workflow and project management for your LIMS projects. The LIMS project manager assigned to your lab is fully competent with practical lab experience complementing his qualifications and training.

LIMSABC project management covers:

  • Defining sample criteria project-wise
  • Creating data validity rules
  • Establishing and implementing procedural protocols
  • Using assays to handle project workflows of samples
  • Automating work assignment to scientists and instruments
  • Automating samples’ queuing to secondary and tertiary screens
  • Automating alerts
  • Standardizing of methods and procedures

Helping You Deliver Lab Projects on Time and Within Budget

Our LIMS project management enhances the speed and efficiency of your lab operations. This ensures that your lab projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. This involves managing the lab’s resources and vendors professionally, which is not the forte of scientists and researchers, whose specialties are based on technical knowledge and vision. This is where our specialist LIMS services for project management come into play. LIMSABC perfectly complements your research team to quickly complete projects without compromising quality.

Specialized Project Management for Your LIMS

Our LIMS project managers know LIMS systems and vendors and this insight helps us foresee risks associated with your LIMS project. In turn, this helps our LIMS consultant team mitigate the risk, effectively minimizing any impact on your project.

Customized LIMS Project Management

Our LIMS project managers and LIMS consultant teams help your scientists and researchers proceed effectively with their projects. LIMSABC customizes the project management to suit your business processes. This is critical for the overall effectiveness of your lab project. Furthermore, our flexible project management enables additional configuration as warranted on an individual project basis.

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