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Hospitals and Mobile LIMS

Hospitals need to keep meticulous records regarding each and every one of their patients, and any tests and procedures associated with them. Records maintenance is essential to providing the patients with optimum care. A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) can handle all of the data necessary for keeping up-to-date patient records however; a mobile LIMS makes all of the data easier to access. Each of the users can quickly pull up the information they need on their mobile devices, whether they are at the hospital or at a remote location. LIMSABC is the leading provider of mobile LIMS Software for hospitals all over the world.

Managing Samples with Mobile LIMS

Misplaced and lost samples can be a major problem in a hospital. Once a sample is taken from a patient, proper management and accurate chain of custody is absolutely essential for loss prevention. Everyone that handles the sample needs to document it on a LIMS. This documentation is much easier when the hospital has a mobile LIMS Software. The users have the ability to log the information right on their mobile devices. This makes all of the data readily available, right at the users’ fingertips. At LIMSABC, our mobile LIMS software makes managing samples within the facility more efficient and cuts down on misplacement and loss.

Mobile LIMS for Scheduling Appointments

It seems that there are always scheduling issues for appointments, tests and other procedures in hospitals. Trying to manage these appointments manually always leads to problems, such as double booking, open appointments and the like. This can cause confusion for the receptionists as well as technicians and physicians. LIMS is the perfect tool to help your staff manage appointments. It will also avoid angry patients yelling at the staff because their appointments are delayed. Scheduling appointments with efficiency in mind can prove to be difficult. A LIMS Software from LIMSABC will have the hospital’s scheduling process flowing smoothly for both the staff and the patients.

The Premiere LIMS Software for Hospitals

LIMSABC is the premiere provider for LIMS software to hospitals all over the world. At LIMSABC, we listen to your needs and desires and create a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) that will suit your organization’s needs and grow with them in the future. Of course, LIMSABC provides LIMS that are compatible with iPads, Androids and tablets. Call 800-834-8618 and we will be happy to help you make your hospital run more efficiently.

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