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Innovative Mobile LIMS Software Technology

When the original Laboratory Information Management Systems came to like in the 1980s, it helped labs and research facilities make incredible advancements. Many of those advancements have paved the way for all of the new technology that everyone enjoys today. Although LIMS software has come a long ways since then, many companies still are dead set on having the users locate and enter data from desktop computers at their work stations. This can be counterproductive, especially when the data is formulated in one place and needs to be entered in another place. LIMSABC has developed new LIMS software technology that is easily accessed from a user’s iPad or Android tablet.

LIMS Software Technology for iPad and Android Tablet Users

There have been so many employees of laboratory facilities wondering why they have to be at their desks or workstations to locate, access, or enter data into the LIMS system. This is truly a valid point worthy of discussion. In the time that it takes for the worker to leave the testing area and get to the desktop computer, the information could be compromised. It is so much wiser and easier to input the data into the LIMS by way of a mobile device, such as an iPad or Android tablet. Fortunately, LIMSABC has incredible mobile LIMS software that does allow users to access and log data into the LIMS system using their mobile tablet devices.

Mobile LIMS Technology Increases Productivity

Every corporation has a great desire to increase the productivity of their employees. Let’s face it! When productivity increases so do the profits for the organization. Time spent going back and forth from a testing site to the workspace where the employee’s computer is wastes time therefore; wastes money. A mobile LIMS that is compatible with iPads and Android tablets eliminates that wasted time and actually improves the quality of the lab’s data. A lab that is known for high quality data is a lab that has more and more work. LIMSABC’s innovative mobile LIMS technology will increase the productivity of the lab facility.

Step Up To Mobile LIMS Software Technology

LIMSABC has recently released its new mobile LIMS software that is completely compatible with all tablets, including Androids and iPads. This makes the user’s jobs much easier and increases the productivity within the facility. Call 800-834-8618 for a free consultation and to learn how mobile LIMS software can boost the profits of your corporation.

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