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Mobile LIMS

Mobile applications are a new concept in the lab and they are becoming increasingly distinguished features of smart and successful labs. As handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets grow, they are finding very good uses in vertical markets. For a modern lab, this presents a great opportunity to enhance productivity and add flexibility to lab operations.

As a LIMS consultant company utilizing the latest technology and staying on top of its game, LIMSABC is proud to offer LIMS services to cover custom mobile applications for the needs of our clients' labs. The wide range of our mobile apps covers multiple purposes that vary from viewing results, statistics and reports to alerts, notifications and integration with devices such as scanners.

LIMS on Tablet Apps

The increasing capabilities of tablets in terms of criteria, such as processing power and graphics make them powerful tools in the lab; however they are only powerful tools if they have the right applications.

LIMSABC empowers your research team with our custom mobile applications that fully utilize the power and flexibility of tablets.

For smart phone or tablet apps, our mobile LIMS solution simplifies life at the lab, a quality that invariably results in enhancing the efficiency, success and cost-effectiveness of lab operations.

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