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Molecular Labs Management with LIMS

Personalized medicine is becoming more and more the norm in this country, as well as in many others. This has directly impacted the major growth in the molecular labs research and development industry. Managing all of the intricate and vital details of a molecular lab can be a very difficult thing to do. Molecular labs that do a significant amount of research prior to incorporating a new LIMS into their facilities will find that a molecular labs LIMS from LIMSABC is the most viable LIMS on the market today. LIMSABC’s molecular labs LIMS offers a variety of features that make other LIMS look like child’s toys.

Easier Sample Management with Molecular Labs LIMS

Only a few decades ago, laboratories had to rely solely on a human’s ability to write down data after performing experiments. Fortunately, labs no longer need to work in a primitive mode. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have changed the way molecular labs handle nearly everything, including samples. A molecular labs LIMS provides users with the ability to manage samples directly on their iPads or Android tablets. The user will see exactly where the sample is located, down to the room, shelf, and vial location. The molecular labs LIMS from LIMSABC also offers complete antibody management, including expiration dates, vendors and dates ordered.

Managing Equipment with a LIMS for Molecular Labs

One of the most problematic tasks in the molecular lab is managing the equipment needed at the facility. Ensuring that temperatures and calibrations are performed as scheduled and maintained at proper levels is essential for viable samples and accurate experiment results. All of these can be managed by a LIMS for molecular labs. It can also record when equipment was inspected and when the next complete inspection is due to be performed. All of this is at the tip of your fingers when you implement a molecular labs LIMS from LIMSABC.

LIMSABC: The LIMS Taking Molecular Labs into the Future

The developers at LIMSABC understand the unique needs in the molecular labs field. For this reason, they have developed a powerful LIMS specifically for molecular labs. LIMSABC’s molecular labs LIMS has more features than any other LIMS available for the field today, including management of equipment and billing as well as other features. Feel free to contact Mr. Gabriel Balint, CEO of LIMSABC at 800-834-8618 for a free consultation about a molecular labs LIMS for your facility.

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