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Monitoring Patient Care with Cloud LIMS

A medical facility’s main concern is always taking care of their patients and doing the best they can to ensure that they stay in good health. Years ago, maintaining records was done manually with a chart kept on the patients’ bed or in a slot on the door to their hospital rooms. Although the medical personnel did their best to maintain the records, a lot of data went without recording. This was unacceptable then, and it is unacceptable now. A cloud LIMS that can connect to mobile devices such as iPads, Androids and other tablets is a priceless commodity in the medical field. LIMSABC provides medical facilities with top of the line LIMS software that works with mobile devices.

Cloud LIMS for Medical Facilities

There are so many benefits for a medical facility acquiring cloud LIMS software. Believe it or not; the quality of patient care skyrockets when a LIMS is implemented in physician’s office or hospital setting. Simply because the recordkeeping is so much easier to maintain, a cloud LIMS is a must have for all medical facilities. The ability to access a patient’s records at one’s fingertips immediately improves the staff’s ability to treat the patients properly and safely. With a cloud LIMS from LIMSABC, your patients records are in good hands.

Tracking Samples with Cloud LIMS

Tracking a patient’s samples for biopsy or other testing can prove to be a harrowing task. In the old days of manual tracking, more than one third of the samples were lost or misplaced in transit. This can truly cause great risk to the patient, especially if the sample was for something major such as diagnosis of cancer. A cloud LIMS allows users to be able to track the sample from the moment it is removed from the patient, through all of the testing stages and see the results the minute they are available. LIMSABC offers state of the art cloud LIMS Software for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Custom Cloud LIMS for Medical Facilities

LIMSABC is the leading vendor of cloud LIMS that are customized to the needs of the medical facility. Of course, the LIMS is compatible with mobile devices like Androids, iPads and other tablets. A LIMS provides users with the ability to access the data they need from any location. Call 800-834-8618 and the friendly staff at LIMSABC will be happy to help you with a new, state of the art LIMS that is accessible for mobile devices.

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