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New Mobile LIMS Software

The LIMS technology industry had been growing with leaps and bounds for decades however; once mobile technology became an integral part of everyone’s lives, the advancement of LIMS software stalled out. It just doesn’t make sense that most developers of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) continue to force LIMS users to access and log data into their systems by way of desktop computers. This kind of thinking is not helping laboratories look to the future or continue to advance in their fields. The need for LIMS software that allows the users to connect to the LIMS with their mobile devices such as iPads or Android tablets should have been met years ago. LIMSABC has recently released its new and innovative LIMS software technology for laboratories worldwide.

Mobile LIMS Technology for Tablets

When a lab or other facility incorporates mobile LIMS technology into their organizations, the board of directors initially complains about the costs to purchase the high tech software. After a few short months, they tend to ask themselves why they waited so long to implement mobile LIMS software for their facilities. In all honesty, because users can access, obtain and input data right on their iPads or Android tablets, productivity within the lab increases drastically. Let’s face it! Increased productivity equates to higher profits and eventually, the ability to do more work. A mobile LIMS system from LIMSABC can make both the users and the administrators of your corporation happy.

iPad and Android Compatible LIMS Software

We live in a time when almost everyone has a mobile device of one type or another. This is especially true of people who are employed in labs and other sorts of research facilities. The need for high tech mobile LIMS technology has been haunting developers for more than a decade. Finally, there is top quality mobile LIMS software that is compatible for both iPads and Android tablets. LIMSABC is the number one provider of mobile LIMS software worldwide.

Complete Mobile LIMS Software Assistance

LIMSABC is the premiere mobile LIMS vendor and the professionals at LIMSABC care about their clients. Unlike most LIMS software vendors who sell their software and leave their clients, LIMSABC is there to help their clients always. We take pride in our dedication to the improvement of LIMS technology as well as in our clients’ satisfaction. Call 800-834-8618 for your free and personal consultation with a mobile LIMS software expert.

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