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LIMSABC Partners

LIMSABC solutions and LIMSABC Platform are sold through qualified distributors, dealers and partners around the world, as well as directly to professional service providers of medical laboratories systems. The LIMSABC Global Partner Network is set up for our official LIMSABC Distributors, dealers, integrators and all those who would like to become official LIMSABC Partner.

Our Partner Program not only offers competitive conditions, but also comprehensive service and know-how. LIMSABC updates its partners through professional training and training documentation. Thus, keeping them informed about the latest developments in LIMS technology, methods for planning and sales. In order to provide significant advantages in the market, we support our LIMSABC Partners with marketing material, PR activities, innovative products like LIMSABC Platform, and also put them in contact with new customers.

LIMSABC takes care of its partners in every step of a project and for many years, has been establishing a trustworthy basis for a Global Partner Network.

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