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Profits Skyrocket with Mobile LIMS Software

Every board of directors of a corporation knows that without an annual increase in profits the business is in danger of losing money. Each year, the cost of doing business increases therefore; profits need to increase in order to meet or exceed the rate of inflation. When this doesn’t happen, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is bound to start questioning if the organization is being operated properly. In order to ensure that the company is operating at optimum levels, many labs have turned to mobile LIMS software. This new technology allows the users to utilize their mobile devices, such as iPads or Android Tablets for inputting data or accessing other information. LIMSABC has just released their cutting edge mobile LIMS software for labs all around the world.

Mobile LIMS Technology Improves the Quality of Data

Let’s face it! When a lab becomes known as the “go to” facility for reliable and quality data, the lab gets more work. It isn’t rocket science to understand that more work means more money and higher profits. With more work, the lab’s employees feel a greater sense of job security and tend to work harder in hopes of advancing within the company. All of this can occur simply by implementing mobile LIMS technology for use in conjunction with Android tablets and iPads. There is less of a chance for users to forget to log data into the LIMS system when they can do so on their mobile devices. This directly leads to improved data quality. LIMSABC is the frontrunner in the development of mobile LIMS technology.

Mobile LIMS Software Makes Users’ Jobs Easier

Locating necessary samples can be a challenging task on a tradition Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Unfortunately, many employees forget to log that they have taken a sample for testing. This contaminates the chain of custody severely. The integrity of the chain of custody is greatly enhanced when mobile LIMS software with iPad and Android tablet capability is used. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of mobile LIMS software for use with iPads and Android tablets.

Personalized Service and a Free Consultation

LIMSABC offers personalized service as well as free consultation to discuss the client’s needs regarding mobile LIMS software for iPads and Android tablets. LIMSABC’s LIMS are completely configurable so that every lab’s needs are met. Call 800-834-8618 to learn why LIMSABC is a step ahead of all other LIMS vendors.

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