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Solving Sample Loss with LIMS

The ability to accurately log samples into a facility and manage their locations is essential to a lab facility’s ability to run fluidly. This can be extremely difficult if the organization is in control of several storage facilities. Tracking the history of the sample and being able to locate testing results are of equal importance. When there is the slightest bit of room for error, the integrity of the samples and data acquired for it is jeopardized. No lab can afford to have a compromise in the quality of their data. A high quality LIMS Software can make all of those potential problems nearly non-existent. LIMSABC is one of the leading providers of fully functional Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for lab facilities all over the globe.

LIMS Can Eliminate Sample Loss

More than likely, at some point during the course of running a facility, a sample has mysteriously gone missing. This is something that nearly every lab has experienced at one time or another. Even though it does happen, it is completely unacceptable. Losing a sample throws all of the work and data collected straight out the window. It complete negates everything that was learned and recorded. A top notch LIMS Software with sample tracking capabilities would be extremely beneficial to the facility. LIMS can mean the difference between wasted time and becoming more efficient in tracking the samples. At LIMSABC, we can create a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is form fitted to the needs of your lab facility.

A LIMS Software for Chain of Custody Quality

Maintaining the information regarding the chain of custody for samples is of the utmost importance in the lab. Chain of custody provides proof that the sample has not been tampered with or compromised in any way. Many Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) cannot handle chain of custody control. Only very few LIMS vendors offer this with their LIMS. Fortunately, LIMSABC can provide your lab with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that will allow users to track the chain of custody of the samples in your facilities.

Protecting Samples with LIMS

LIMSABC understands that sample loss can be disastrous to a lab and can jeopardize the lab’s credibility in the industry. A state of the art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) by LIMSABC can help prevent sample loss. Call 800-834-8618 to learn why LIMSABC is a leader in the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) industry.

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