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Antibody Management with LIMS for Molecular Labs

Although all types of research performed in molecular labs is very important and has increased over the years, the area of antibody research seems to have grown quicker. More than likely, this is due to the push of many charitable organizations for finding a cure for cancer. While there will never be a “one cure fixes all cancer” type of cure, there will eventually cures for a variety of cancers people are fighting against today. Managing the antibodies used in the molecular lab facility is much easier with a high quality LIMS. LIMSABC offers a powerful molecular lab LIMS for proper antibody management.

Monitoring Antibody Inventory with Molecular Lab LIMS

Molecular laboratories simply must monitor their antibody inventory with great care. A LIMS that can help the users to ensure that they have enough of a particular type if antibody on hand for the testing needed is a major asset. A molecular lab LIMS can also keep track of the expiration dates of the antibody inventory. This will prevent someone from using out of date antibodies, which will result in results that are probably compromised. The right LIMS can also track orders, venders of the antibodies, and serial numbers of each vial of antibodies. The molecular lab LIMS from LIMSABC allows users and administrators to monitor the inventory of antibodies in their facilities.

Linking Results and Images to Antibodies with LIMS

There are a number of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) that allow users to record the data resulting from experiments however; not all molecular labs LIMS are able to let them access other experiments as well as images immediately. Flipping back and forth between former experiments and images gives the user the ability to compare and contrast the resulting data. This LIMS feature can not only advance the antibody study, but increase the efficiency in the molecular lab facility. LIMSABC’s LIMS for molecular labs allows users to link results and images to relatable antibody experiments.

LIMSABC for Antibody Management in Molecular Labs

The developers at LIMSABC are dedicated to the improvement of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for use in molecular labs. It’s no wonder they are the premiere provider of molecular labs in the industry. In fact, LIMSABC is so sure that their molecular labs LIMS will win you over, they offer a free consultation. Call 800-834-8618 to speak with Mr. Gabriel Balint about a LIMS for molecular labs from LIMSABC.

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