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Complete Samples Management with LIMS for Molecular Labs

At some point in time, nearly every molecular lab facility in the world has lost, or at the very least misplaced a sample that was in their custody and control. This certainly is not a good look for any lab. The proper management and storage of all samples is of the utmost importance in molecular labs. The ability to effectively manage all samples will also improve efficiency within the facility. The right Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can do both. The LIMS for molecular labs offered by LIMSABC provides for complete sample management that is easy for the user to utilize.

Handling Sample Locations with Molecular Labs LIMS

The ability to locate a particular sample at a moment’s notice is very important in molecular labs. Considering there are quite a few different people working with the same sample, the ability to locate a sample quickly, and without issue facilitates the work needed to be done. A molecular labs LIMS that is designed to enhance a labs ability to locate samples will prove to be quite beneficial to the users. It will help to prevent lost samples, and even lets users locate which person possessed the sample last. LIMSABC offers a very powerful LIMS for sample location management in molecular labs.

Molecular Labs LIMS for Chain of Custody Accuracy

Maintaining the records regarding a sample’s chain of custody is essential in all molecular labs. The chain should begin as soon as the sample reaches the facility. Of course, facilities that also provide transport for the samples should begin the chain once an employee accepts the sample into their possession. An accurate chain of custody will certainly improve the molecular lab’s credibility within the industry as a whole. Let’s face it; a lab’s credibility is of the utmost importance for result reliability. A high level of credibility will also improve any molecular lab’s bottom line. The molecular labs LIMS from LIMSABC allows users to maintain the chain of custody on their iPads or Android tablets.

LIMSABC: LIMS for Molecular Labs

At LIMSABC, the software developers understand the many unique needs of the molecular labs industry. With a plethora of custom features, the molecular labs LIMS from LIMSABC is second to none. In fact, Mr. Gabriel Balint, the CEO of LIMSABC is so sure that you will find their LIMS for molecular labs so impressive that he will provide you with a free consultation. Call 800-834-8618 to learn more about LIMSABC’s molecular labs LIMS.

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