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LIMS for Managing Molecular Laboratories

The proper management of any molecular laboratory is of the utmost importance in the industry. The increase in the number of molecular labs popping up all over the United States and the world, for that matter is the direct result of the major advances made in the medical field over the past few decades. The desire of more and more people seeking more personalized medicine has certainly helped to grow the molecular laboratory industry into what it is today. With that being said, the number of required regulations has also increased rapidly. The LIMS for managing molecular laboratories from LIMSABC is designed to handle all of the required regulatory processes for molecular labs.

Managing Storage Locations in Molecular Labs

The ability to access samples and specimens quickly and easily in molecular labs is very important for productivity inside of the facility. Misplaced specimens or samples that have not been properly logged out can be problematic. A molecular lab LIMS that allows for easy monitoring of the quantity and location of samples and specimens can actually improve the productivity inside of the lab. LIMSABC’s LIMS for molecular labs provides the users to input storage and tube data so locating the specimen is a snap.

Accurate Chain of Custody with Molecular Labs LIMS

It is of the utmost importance that a molecular lab ensures that the chain of custody of samples and specimens is maintained accurately. There are many regulations guiding how the lab must handle, store and log their samples and specimens. The right molecular lab LIMS can make managing an accurate chain of custody easy for the users to do. Without one, the samples very well might have to be discarded due to possible contamination. LIMSABC offers molecular labs a LIMS that allows for proper chain of custody management, and is easy for the users to input their locations.

Molecular Lab LIMS with Mobile Accessibility

It seems that everyone these days has some type of mobile device, whether it is an iPad or an Android tablet. They are typically much more convenient than sitting at a work station to input necessary data. Having a LIMS that allows for mobile accessibility can be a huge asset to the molecular laboratory. Just imagine how much more smoothly the facility will run if the users could use their mobile devices for data. The mobile LIMS for molecular labs from LIMSABC is second to none in the industry.

Following Regulations for Equipment Management in Molecular Labs

There are loads of requirements for following the regulations for properly managing each piece of equipment in the molecular lab. Since every piece of equipment has its own function to perform, the guidelines for each will be different. Of course, the requirements for maintaining the equipment are equally regulated and must be followed precisely. A molecular lab LIMS can help in maintaining the maintenance data for the lab’s facility. This will reduce the concern of having a piece of equipment malfunction, and compromising the sample or the resulting data. LIMSABC offers a molecular lab LIMS that is complete with the ability to manage the equipment.

Managing Data with a Molecular Lab LIMS

It’s so important to be able to manage all of the data effectively in molecular laboratories. This can really be a problem for facilities working without a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that has been specifically designed for molecular labs. A LIMS that can efficiently gather data from a variety of sources will provide a completely uniform platform for all users. LIMSABC’s LIMS for molecular laboratories is the solution you need for managing data effectively and efficiently.

Handling Billing with a LIMS for Molecular Laboratories

One of the most stressful tasks inside of the molecular lab is billing. Ensure that the correct entity is being charged the appropriate or agreed upon amount is extremely important. Customers who feel that they are being charged incorrectly will more than likely go to a different molecular laboratory next time. Losing business is not an option, as it takes good money to run a high quality molecular lab these days. LIMSABC offers molecular laboratories a state of the art LIMS that also allows for billing capabilities.

Molecular Labs LIMS for Improved Data Quality

The quality and reliability of any molecular lab’s data is a direct reflection on the facility as well as those working within it. Think about it logically. The whole reason the lab is in business is to provide accurate data that the clients require and of course, to make money. Reliable data will greatly improve the reputation of the molecular lab as a whole. A high quality LIMS for molecular laboratories can improve the data quality tremendously. The LIMS for molecular lab facilities from LIMSABC is a viable way to improve the integrity of your data.

LIMSABC: A LIMS ahead of its Time

LIMSABC is the frontrunner in providing state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for molecular lab facilities. To learn more about the molecular lab LIMS, contact Mr. Gabriel Balint, the CEO of LIMSABC at 800-834-8618. LIMSABC also offers a free consultation.

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