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Benefiting All with Toxicology LIS Software

When working in a lab as a tech or as a manager, it means that there must be dealings with real live, living and breathing people. These people may not always be directly in front of you, but your entire job revolves around people. These are often people who need the information you have as soon as possible. For some, test results can mean the difference between life and death. For others, it may simply mean the difference in the type of medication that is prescribed. Either way, working in a lab often means being responsible for these extremely important test results. LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS software can help to get the results data to the necessary client quickly for the benefit of the patient.

Streamlined Care with Cloud LIS Technology

Cloud LIS software offers the unique ability to directly affect patients without them even knowing the system exists. Toxicology LIS software provides point of care tracking for each patient in the system, so results can get to where they need to be as fast as possible. Along with point of care tracking, patient prescription medication can be tracked to make sure no medication problems arise. This means no more handwritten notes or lists that can be incorrectly transcribed. In just a few keystrokes and the information is at hand. The best part of this state of the art technology is the use of the LIS cloud. If your lab is not located within the building in which your results must be shared, the cloud allows for the appropriate staff to access the results using the cloud LIS software. Access can be granted publically or privately, according to HIPAA guidelines. LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS software streamlines the information sharing process immensely.

The Many Advantages of Toxicology LIS Technology

Toxicology LIS software probably already sounds enticing, but there is even more benefits to implementing the cloud LIS system. This LIS system allows for the easy integration of EMR and client info as well as project management options. Beyond the results, LIS software allows for the recording of ICD-9 and ICD-10 information with ease. Even after a patient is discharged, the LIS software can help with HL7 billing and the management of insurance providers. Every toxicology lab benefits by using LIMSABC’s cloud LIS software.

Free Consultation from LIMSABC

The CEO of LIMSABC offers a free telephone consultation for labs considering incorporating toxicology LIS software into their facilities. Call 800-834-8618 for your toxicology lab’s free consultation with a highly respected LIMSABC developer.

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