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Cloud LIMS for Drug Screening Labs

Cloud Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are one of the most important software developments that have affected the drug screening laboratory industry, and the way that it manages its data. Cloud LIMS software provides the users to completely control instances and access each one individually. Users at the drug screening lab can also stop the instances, and retain the information on the boot partition. The user can start the same instance back up with web service APIs. They can be rebooted remotely as well. LIMS ABC is one of the premiere providers of Cloud LIMS software specifically created for drug screening labs worldwide.

Reliability of Cloud LIMS for Drug Screening Labs

It is of the utmost importance that the Cloud LIMS software selected for the drug screening lab has a safe and reliable environment. Without complete reliability, the lab’s data could be compromised, rendering it worthless. On the other hand, reliable cloud LIMS software can actually improve the quality of the data and enhance the security needed for proper chain of custody of specimens. Better data and a tighter chain of custody will create higher rankings for the drug screening lab’s integrity. LIMS ABC offers reliable cloud LIMS software that will certainly improve your lab’s data quality.

Configurable LIMS Software for Toxicology Labs

The ability for system administrators to quickly and easily configure the cloud LIMS software is essential to growing a drug screening lab. Think about it! With a typical LIMS system, the lab is stuck utilizing only the capabilities that were installed into the LIMS software. Cloud LIMS software that can be configured and meet the drug screening labs’ requirements now and in the future is more efficient and cost-effective. Rather than purchasing new LIMS software, a completely configurable cloud LIMS system saves the toxicology lab money. Our professionals at LIMS ABC are dedicated to providing drug screening labs with cloud LIMS software that is easily configured by the users.

Cloud LIMS Software That Embraces the Future

The CEO at LIMS ABC understands that new developments in the drug testing industry happen all the time. For this reason, the completely configurable cloud LIMS software was developed. It is a snap for the system administrators to configure so that all of the needs are met. Cloud LIMS software can also be reconfigured later to ensure that is grows with the toxicology lab. Call 800-834-8618 to learn how LIMS ABC’s cloud LIMS system can help your lab grow.

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