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LIS for Toxicology Labs with Mobile Devices

It seems that everybody uses some kind of mobile device these days, be it an iPad, Android tablet or some other device. Many of the developers of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) of the past tried to keep up with the changing times however; simply could not do so with their old ideas and technology. Keeping up with the times when it comes to developing innovative cloud LIS software for toxicology labs isn’t easy. This is why LIMSABC is dedicated to continuing to improve the ways that drug screening labs manage their data

Toxicology Labs Need Mobile LIS Software

There are so many reasons why every toxicology lab should have cloud LIS software that works with the users’ mobile devices. Just imagine how productive the facility will be if the toxicology labs’ employees could access and input data right at the tips of their fingers. Mobile LIS software is quickly taking the drug screening industry by storm. Because it is easy to use and offers maximum portability of data, cloud LIS software for use with iPads and Android tablets is a major asset for toxicology labs. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of mobile LIS software for labs handling toxicological data.

Sample Management with Cloud LIS for Toxicology Labs

When it comes to sample management in the toxicology lab, tracking the chain of custody is of the utmost importance. Without an accurate chain of custody that is completely documented, the data loses its integrity. Let’s face it! The average lab misplaces nearly five percent of their samples over the course of a year. This is unacceptable and can be eliminated with state of the art cloud LIS software created to work with iPads and Android tablets. The ability to document who, when and where a sample was accessed on a mobile device will greatly improve the quality of the data. LIMSABC offers an innovative mobile LIS system that will surely make your toxicology lab’s data much more reliable.

User-friendly Cloud LIS Software for Mobile Devices

LIMSABC is an innovator in the cloud LIS software industry however; our newest addition is a state of the art LIS system that works with mobile devices, such as iPads and Android tablets. The CEO of LIMSABC understands the need for toxicology labs to move into the future and LIMSABC’s mobile LIS has done just that! Call 800-834-8618 to learn more about how a LIMSABC mobile LIS system can catapult your drug screening lab into the future.

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