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LIS Toxicology Solutions

Busy labs need every advantage possible and toxicology LIS is just that advantage. A busy lab can receive hundreds and possibly thousands of lab samples daily. Though the overwhelmed technicians are aware of the importance of the work at hand, the time needed to review data is still the same. Once paperwork is added to that to do list, being a lab technician can be a very time consuming and stressful job. To offer the careful analysis that is needed, busy doctors and ailing patients may be forced to wait for hours or days to get the needed information however; this is not always an option. Consider those with life threatening illnesses or those waiting for a mandatory drug test for employment. To either of those individuals, faster and more accurate results are essential. Toxicology LIS software is one way to minimize the time necessary for recording information so more time can be spent on the actual analysis. Cloud LIS technology simplifies the recording and reporting process thus allowing the lab technician to use a few simple keystrokes, as opposed to numerous pages of written material. Toxicology LIS even allows the attending physician to access records faster through the use of the cloud LIMS. LIMSABC offers the highest quality cloud LIS available today.

Tracking Patients and Records with Cloud LIMS

Cloud LIS software offers numerous advantages. The ability to track patient point of care in a consistent manner is just one of manner. This software, available through cloud technology, can be accessed immediately with the right credentials to see lab results, patient point of care, and even a list of prescription medications. These advantages allow your toxicology lab to provide the information that will lead to faster and possibly better overall patient care. LIMSABC provides the most innovative toxicology LIS software for labs worldwide.

Increase Efficiency with Toxicology LIS Software

Each of the advantages mentioned seems to be for the benefit of the patients of clients, but toxicology LIS software can also help your lab become more efficient. Because cloud LIS minimizes the time spent on paperwork, filing, and transcribing with a computerized version of HL7 billing, ICD-9 and ICD-10 forms, and insurance provider management, the overall lab becomes more efficient. Toxicology LIS software from LIMSABC will also limit human error from misreading handwriting since everything is computerized.

LIMSABC, The Toxicology LIS Software Leader

Any medical facility, regardless of size could benefit from toxicology LIS software from LIMSABC. Simply call 800-834-86618 and your lab will be well on its way to being a more efficient and profitable toxicology lab.

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