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Mobile Devices and LIMS for Drug Screening Labs

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are essential to the proper running of any drug screening lab facility. Cloud LIMS software that allows the employees of the facility to input information and recover data through their iPads and Android tablets is truly beneficial to the organization. The increased productivity by eliminating the employees’ walks from research area to their workstations where their computers is an incredible revelation for most Boards of Directors. Having cloud LIMS software that is completely compatible with iPads and Android mobile devices makes a huge difference in the productivity of the drug screening lab’s employees. LIMS ABC has developed an innovative cloud LIMS software system that works with all mobile devices, including Android tablets and iPads.

Cloud LIMS Compatible with Mobile Devices

More and more drug screening labs are realizing the benefits of cloud LIMS software that is compatible with mobile devices, like Android and iPad tablets. The ability of a lab employee to immediately input the results of testing into the cloud LIMS without leaving the testing area is crucial to the integrity of the data. The integrity of the data is of the utmost importance for a drug screening lab facility. Cloud LIMS software for mobile devices will definitely make your lab’s data more reliable. LIMS ABC is an industry leader and foremost provider of LIMS software for iPads and Android tablets.

Increasing Profits with Mobile LIMS Software

Let’s be honest here. Drug screening labs are in business to make money. The more productive the lab’s employees are, the more money the lab makes. Mobile LIMS software actually makes the employees jobs much easier. This makes for happier workers, a more comfortable workplace and higher levels of productivity. Employees who are highly productive are capable of performing more tasks. In turn, the drug screening lab has a better bottom line. LIMS ABC offers top of the line mobile LIMS software for drug screening labs globally.

Mobile LIMS Software for the Future

The professionals at LIMS ABC work diligently to keep improving their cloud LIMS software for use in drug screening labs. Advances in the toxicology industry happen all the time; this is why LIMS ABC developed a LIMS software to be easily configured by the users. LIMS ABC ’s new mobile LIMS for use with iPads and Android tablets is one of the most advanced LIMS available today. Call 800-834-8618 to learn more about LIMS ABC’s cloud LIMS software.

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