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Releasing the Power of the Integrated Laboratory

Today, we are excited to release an all new version of our LIMSABC for Toxicology LIS that offers a single solution for running your pain management drug testing practice.

For years, LIMSABC has been providing software products that simplify processes in the pain management drug testing and confirmation market; our customers consistently have expressed the need for a single solution that meets all of their lab requirements.

Customers have told us over and over again about the difficulty of working with disparate software systems that are antiquated and unable to integrate with other systems. Without system integration, the same data must be duplicated in Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), billing software, and other 3rd party systems such as EMRs and their instrumentation. Manual data entry and workarounds have been the norm.

A Modern Workflow that Addresses Toxicology Challenges

imgThat was our basis for developing LIMSABC for Toxicology, more than just your standard Laboratory Informations System (LIS). We streamlined the process from patient to payor, fully integrating the most important functions: client portal, laboratory information management, and revenue and claims operations.

We built LIMSABC to be a flexible, open platform built on a modern LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) stack to give our hosted solution world class uptime and data redundancy as well as a modern web browser. Your clients, such as physician offices, can easily access the information they need through a web portal which provides a seamless connection to your system.

The product also includes a sophisticated claims management module that enables you to track all your important revenue parameters: primary and secondary insurance provider bills and payments, patient responsibility amounts, and write downs. The claims management module also provides automated claim scrubbing and electronic sending and receiving of 837 and 835 forms.

With real-time analytics and dashboard tools, LIMSABC for Toxicology lets you track all of your important information.

Features of Integrated Toxicology Practice Management with LIMSABC

Client Portal - View and download new reports - Trend patient analyte data using a full patient database - Easily print sample requisitions and barcodes
Laboratory Information System (LIS) Drug consistency checksBatch processing for convenient sample result importing, and side by side screens for approving results and reportsQC trends and Levey Jennings plots
Claims Management Electronic sending and receiving 837 and 835 formsEasy tracking of bill amounts, payment amounts by primary & secondary insurance providers, patient responsibility amounts, and write downsAutomatic claim scrubbing
Real-time Business Intelligence All your important information at your fingertips in easy to view report and dashboardsRun your practice more optimally by drilling down on all the key informationThe ability to set up custom role specific dashboards; out of the box roles including lab technician, sales management, account/territory manager , revenue officer, and lab manager

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