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The Benefits of Mobile LIMS for Doctor’s Offices

It isn’t rocket science that every doctor’s office needs to have a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in order to maintain some sort of organization within the office. LIMS have been around since the 1980s however; they’ve come a long way since those days. Now, the LIMS manage a wide variety of data and operations within the physician’s office. The fewer things that the medical employees need to do manually, the smoother and more efficiently the office flows. It cuts down on human error and makes the data much more reliable. LIMSABC provides top notch LIMS Software for physicians’ offices, hospitals, labs and other facilities all over the world.

Patient Management with Mobile LIMS Software

Managing patients’ records is easy with a LIMS however; it makes thing run like clockwork when there are several different locations and physicians within a medical facility. Mobile LIMS Software allows each of the doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other medical personnel access to patients’ records on their mobile devices. This means that a doctor can get the results of tests he ordered for a patient wherever he is. The golf course, country club or Lakers’ game is not going to prevent you from getting the test results you need to care for your patient properly. A mobile LIMS from LIMSABC will catapult your doctor’s office into the 21st century with their state of the art mobile LIMS software.

Managing Appointments and Testing with Mobile LIMS

It’s pretty easy for the staff of medical offices to manage their patients’ appointments at the facility however; it can be problematic managing outside appointments with other doctors and appointments for testing. Mobile LIMS software can keep your office up-to-date on physicians’ reports and testing results as well as the dates performed. This gives the physician instant access to the data through their iPads, Androids or other type of tablet. LIMSABC is linking doctors with other doctors for the benefit of their patients.

True Mobile LIMS Software for Physicians

The benefits of a complete mobile LIMS in a physician’s office are far too many that can be addressed here. As the leading provider of cloud LIMS to medical facilities, LIMSABC has much to offer every physician’s office. LIMSABC boasts a hands on CEO who is instrumental in customizing the LIMS for his clients. Call 800-834-8618 and learn about the many benefits a mobile LIMS can provide to your physician’s office.

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