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The Benefits of Toxicology LIS Software

Toxicology labs receive a high volume of test samples for a large number of physicians, organizations, and other medical facilities. This volume can be overwhelming if the lab is a hub for the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. Regardless, the need for effective organization and efficiency is of the utmost importance. LIMSABC is consistently developing new cloud LIS technology to make toxicology labs more steam lined for efficiency and accuracy.

Lab Efficiency with Cloud LIS Technology

Most organizations, medical or otherwise, strive to be efficient and effective. For those who work in a lab with possibly life altering test results, both areas need to be high. Cloud LIS software offers the resources needed to make this happen. In fact using toxicology LIS software offers one advantage no one seems to consider, much less manual recording, writing, and transcription. Writing orders or recording results manually means that errors are more likely to occur. This can be due to misreading handwriting or simply marking something wrong in a hurry. Toxicology LIS will help to lessen human error therefore; LIS software improves the quality of the lab’s results. LIMSABC offers state of the art cloud LIS software to toxicology labs globally.

Beyond Efficiency with Toxicology LIMS

Some of the incredible functions of toxicology LIS software include the ability to track point of care for all patients, including test results and prescription medications the person may be given or is currently taking. The benefits of having all this information at your fingertips are bodacious Consider all of the ICD-9 and ICD-10 forms that are typically used daily. These are a thing of the past as LIS software for toxicology labs offers this information in an online version. The cloud LIS even makes it easier to manage billing integration and insurance providers in a computer based system. LIMSABC offers toxicology LIS software that is even compatible with iPads, Androids and other mobile devices.

The Toxicology LIS of the Future, Available Today

The number of advantages offered by LIMSABC’s new toxicology LIS software is second to none. The toxicology lab’s clients deserve the best and LIS software from LIMSABC can provide this to your organization. When a lab facility believes that efficiency and accuracy of the data is important, the only toxicology LIS software should be from the industry leader, LIMSABC. Call 800-834-8618 for a free consultation with the CEO of LIMSABC. He will be happy to help your lab thrive.

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