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The Search for Quality Toxicology LIS Software

The quality and efficiency of a lab is an important sign that it is a top notch facility. Maybe your toxicology lab is looking for a better way to manage data and streamline the billing or patient tracking process. Whether you work in a private physicians’ lab, for the CDC organization, or in a hospital setting, LIS software can work for to meet your facility’s needs. Your search for quality software can end with LIS toxicology software. Laboratory testing and data recording can be a timely process, but cloud LIS software simplifies everything within a computer program to help your lab run smoothly. The toxicology LIS software from LIMSABC will make your lab run like clockwork.

Cloud LIS Software for Efficiency and Ease

Total efficiency in the workplace is a goal that every organization should strive for over time. Though this perfection may be unattainable, toxicology LIS software can get your lab to the closest point of total efficiency possible. By nature, toxicology laboratory testing requires close monitoring, tracking, and recording. In the past, this recording has been accomplished by long written notes or hand scribbled messages. This handwritten information had a higher chance of being misread or transcribed incorrectly, but toxicology LIS software addresses that issue without compromising data. Cloud LIS technology offers a simple transition to HL7 billing online, ICD-9 and ICD-10 documentation through the computer, and patient point of care tracking. In fact, all of this information can be accessed with ease by using the cloud LIMS. Doctors, nurses, and other authorized personnel can access patient results, prescription medication logs, and other general information from any connected device. This speeds up the time that would normally be spent waiting on results to be called in or faxed over. LIMSABC offers the most efficient toxicology LIS system available today.

Other Advantageous Aspects of Cloud LIMS

Patient medical care is the first priority when it comes to the practice of medicine, but patient treatment and care does not stop after a single lab result is received. Toxicology LIS software allows the tracking of a patient from admittance to discharge and through billing with a few simple keystrokes. Cloud LIS software can help manage large scale projects, keep insurance carriers organized, and offer billing records with the unlimited amount of data storage available. It be great to have a one stop shop to keep your lab efficient and organized. With all of these advantages and only time to waste, you should seriously consider toxicology LIS software for your facility.

LIMSABC Offers Free Consultations

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