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Toxicology Labs and Mobile LIS Software

Most boards of directors at toxicology labs have no clue as to how mobile LIS software can drastically improve their organizations. Sure, the board generally deals with administrative duties however; they still need to look at the drug screening lab’s bottom line. Toxicology labs are much more profitable when their employees are more productive. Productivity increases anytime that the employees’ jobs are made easier. Mobile LIS software that allows users to record and retrieve necessary date from their iPads and Android tablets immediately makes the employees and the toxicology lab more productive. Productivity means profitability, and LIMSABC’s new mobile LIS software was developed to do just that.

Innovative Cloud LIS Compatible with Mobile Devices

The ability to access and record data from an iPad or Android tablet makes the workplace a much more comfortable place to be, and in turn, makes it more productive. A cloud Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is completely compatible with mobile devices makes the reporting and retrieving of data simple. In turn, the data becomes much more reliable because the lab technician can input the results or other data instantly from his iPad or Android tablet. Less downtime going from testing area to workspace results in higher profits. LIMSABC is aware that productivity equates to profitability, which is why the new mobile LIS software was developed for toxicology labs.

Cloud LIS Software for Toxicology Labs

There are loads of toxicology labs that experience major problems managing their samples and keeping a reliable chain of custody on them. The chain of custody of a sample is very important to the quality of data resulting from that particular sample. It is absolutely essential that the toxicology lab have accurate records of who accessed the sample, when and for what purpose, as well as the results from any testing. Cloud LIS software with mobile technology will improve the lab’s quality of data. LIMSABC understands the needs of toxicology labs.

State of the Art Mobile LIS for Toxicology Labs

LIMSABC has developed a state of the art cloud LIS system that works with mobile devices, such as Android and iPad tablets. Our development team has been working on this innovative LIS software so that toxicology labs can improve the integrity of their data and in turn, increase their profitability. Call the best LIS provider at 800-834-8618 to learn more about this innovative mobile LIS software.

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