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Toxicology LIS on the Cloud

It seems that the cloud is everywhere these days. This wonderful internet tool allows for massive amounts of data to be stored online. It would be nice if such a LIS system existed for patient records. Now it does. Cloud LIS software allows patient data to be made available to those who need it on numerous internet accessing devices, including iPads and android mobile devices. No worries about security as the settings are created by the administrator and can be set to public or private and settings for HIPAA compliance. Imagine how much faster patient care could be provided if the doctor could access lab results with just a few simple keystrokes. LIMSABC has been dedicated to developing innovative toxicology LIS software for better patient care.

The Cloud LIS is a Good Thing

Imagine an outbreak situation in which data needed to be transferred quickly as test results became available. Reaching the correct person on the phone could be nearly impossible if everyone is in a state of panic or trying to care for numerous individuals who are ill. Use of cloud LIS technology for toxicology labs would allow the needed individuals to access data wirelessly and begin treatment faster. LIMSABC is the premiere provider of cloud LIS software for toxicology labs globally.

Toxicology LIS Software as an Overall System

Use of the cloud is not the only advantage to using toxicology LIS software. Cloud LIS offers an organizational system for patient records and files that will save time and hassle. Make your facility more efficient by using the computer based toxicology LIS for everything from tracking consistency in test results to managing insurance providers. Cloud LIS technology can even help prevent errors as notes are entered into the system, instead of scrawled on a piece of paper that may be incorrectly transcribed later. When one adds in the point of care tracking system, it seems that taking advantage of cloud LIS is over the top. LIMSABC is the most widely respected LIS software development in the industry.

Fully Functional Toxicology LIS from LIMSABC

There is even more to the toxicology LIS software from LIMSABC. This state of the art cloud LIS system allows for the integration of HL7 billing that is required in the medical and scientific world. LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS can even handle the input usually reserved for ICD-9 and ICD-10s. LIMSABC’s cloud LIS are very user friendly. Call 800-834-8618 for a free consultation about obtaining toxicology LIS software for your lab.

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