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Toxicology LIS Technology Benefits All

Working in a lab may seem like a job that is not really people-oriented in that many technicians are needed to simply run the tests and results instead of actually taking samples however; lab work is always a people-oriented business. Test results can mean the difference in getting the right medication, and not needing medication or treatment at all. Toxicology labs always want to be able to give everyone the best possible care. LIMSABC is dedicated to helping toxicology labs and medical facilities improve patient care and treatment with state of the art cloud LIS software.

Client Care Streamlined with Cloud LIS Software

Lab results must often travel through numerous channels and hands before they reach the point in which they are needed. Most times this occurs in a timely manner, but not always. Cloud LIS software streamlines this process so that the lab orders, results, and everything in between are available at the push of a button or two. Toxicology LIS software allows the user to forego manual entry of a great deal of information as everything is entered on the computer or mobile device. This can cut down on human error due to bad handwriting or poor memory. This also means that patient point of care can be tracked in addition to tracking prescription medication for each client. These simple additions can keep patients healthier because the process is much faster. LIMSABC offers greater patient care with cloud LIMS software for toxicology labs.

Further Advantages with Toxicology

The advantages of toxicology do not stop with the patients. Cloud software allows users to make reports available online in a public or private manner with the security measures of HIPAA ensured. This means that given the access and the right credentials, patient data can be accessed as needed by those providing care. The system also allows for EMR integration and client and project management. Beyond just the toxicology lab results, software allows for the recording of ICD-9 and ICD-10 information. Even after the patient is discharged, the advantages of a cloud software system continue. The system allows for HL7 billing integration with the ability to manage insurance providers. This can help organize your lab while helping keep patients healthy, even if the lab techs never meet those individuals. The toxicology from LIMSABC makes the lab facility run much more smoothly.

A Brighter Future with LIMSABC

New technology can be overwhelming and scary to users, especially a cloud system that covers as much as LIMSABC’s software. Toxicology lab technicians needn’t worry. The toxicology software from LIMSABC is designed to be user friendly and benefit all those who need to use it. Call 800-834-8618 for a free consultation about LIMSABC’s state of the art toxicology software.

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