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Toxicology LIS with EMR Integration

LIMS technology has come a long way over the past few decades and right now, the improvements and developments are being created in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, many of the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software developers merely set their focus on generic labs therefore; they completely ignore the specific needs of toxicology labs. The truth is that in order to develop LIS software for drug screening labs, developers need to understand the needs of toxicology lab facilities. LIMSABC has taken the time to learn exactly what the needs of toxicology labs are simply by working closely with the drug screening labs’ personnel, so LIMSABC could develop cloud LIS software specifically for toxicology labs.

EMR Integrated LIS Software for Drug Screening Labs

For years medical facilities kept patient records manually in paper files. More often than not, this led to misplaced information or data that went unrecorded. Electronic medical records are much more reliable and easier to maintain. Cloud LIS software that is completely EMR integrated will also enable the toxicology lab to be more efficient. The LIS users will be able to document drug screening results and add them directly to the records. This will save a considerable amount of time and increase the efficiency of the toxicology lab. LIMSABC’s cloud LIS software developers are dedicated to making drug screening labs as efficient as possible.

Drug Screening Labs Increase Efficiency with Toxicology LIS

The incredible advancement of cloud LIS software has made toxicology labs much more productive and accurate than they have been in the past. One of the ways that efficiency is increased is through EMR integration. The ability to access and input drug screening results directly onto the electronic medical records (EMR) eliminates many wasted man hours. The ability for the LIS software users to quickly access and input data onto the EMR proves to be beneficial to the toxicology lab, as well as the facility that contracted the drug screening services. LIMSABC is the premiere toxicology LIS software provider for drug screening labs globally.

The Future Is Here with LIMSABC’s Toxicology LIS

LIMSABC is not only providing cloud toxicology LIS software that is the most advanced right now, but offers drug screening LIS that will continue to work well into the future. Call 800-834-8618 and your toxicology lab will be provided with a free phone consultation by the knowledgeable CEO of LIMSABC. You can’t go wrong with free from LIMSABC!

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