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An all-in-one secure LIS software that minimizes turnaround time and minimizes errors putting the patient first

LIMSABC LIS Solution can help a clinical laboratory to manage the operational and technical aspects of any Clinical Laboratory, ensuring that results are accurate and delivered to customers in a timely and secure manner.

Convenience of a Cloud LIS Software

With our cloud LIS Solution, laboratory staff can access patient data, test results, and other laboratory information from any location, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration. This can be particularly beneficial for laboratories with multiple locations, as staff can easily access and share information regardless of where they are located.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics, built in our LIS Software Solution, enable labs to identify trends, patterns, and potential errors before they occur, improving quality control and risk management. Additionally, these insights can help optimize lab operations and enhance decision-making.

Bidirectional Lab Instrument Integration

Our Instrument Management LIS Solution allows the LIS to send test orders directly to laboratory instruments and receive results automatically. This helps eliminate manual entry errors, speeds up the testing process, and improves the efficiency of lab operations.

Configurable Reports

Customizable report formats allow labs to meet the unique needs of their clientele. It also aids in maintaining compliance with various regulatory requirements.

Flexible Data Entry

Our Cloud LIS Solution allows for customization based on the lab's specific workflow, increasing user-friendliness and reducing the likelihood of errors during data input.

Auto Approval of Results

Auto approval of results based on pre-set criteria can greatly accelerate the reporting process. This not only reduces the workload for lab personnel but also shortens the turnaround time for delivering results to physicians and patients.

Batch Ordering

Batch ordering of patient orders helps manage large volumes of tests simultaneously, reducing manual input and the risk of human errors. It ensures smooth workflow even during high-demand periods.

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