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LIMSABC for Public Health

A cost-effective solution for your laboratory's data management and integration challenges.

LIMSABC helps your lab produce quality results with the quickest turn-around-times from requisition to report. This has a direct impact to positive patient outcomes and timely regulatory reporting.

Analytic reporting tools and electronic data exchange packaged in a modern, web-based platform provides your public health lab with the solution you need to support your role as an essential part of the healthcare team.

Secure, Modern Client Portal

Seamlessly communicate with your submitters, reference sites and public health partners.

Provide your clients with an easy to use portal that gives them secure access to their results as soon as they are available.

• Reduce interruptions to lab staff for inquiries
• Increase Turnaround Time to results
• Increase client satisfaction
• Increase patient care outcomes
• Enhance communication with state and local partners

Efficient Lab & Information Management

Workflow designed specifically for Public Health.
Interfaced, batch upload or barcode-assisted entry - test requests can be processed swiftly and accurately to minimize manual data entry and maximize throughput. Order entry templates may be customized by submitter for speedy entry. Complete integration with your EMR eliminates data entry errors.
Print and scan sample barcoded labels and track full chain of custody. Assign to short- and long-term storage locations. Track aliquots and derivatives and associated geneology.
Automate test analysis from accessioning to bench to analyzer to reporting. Optional test approval by role, automated test approval and release and default value input. User-defined outlier and step-level notifications.
Keep track of key reagent inventories, lots and suppliers; generate Levey-Jennings control charts and flag out of spec results. Apply selective Westgard Rules and generate supervisory review validation reports.
Create doctor, client, panel level and payer-specific templates; use the report editor to create or modify templates in minutes. Automated reporting method by submitter preference.
Flexible, open platform seamlessly enables bi-directional communication with your EMR, Case Management system, Epidemiology department and partner healthcare agencies.

Integrated Quality Control Management

Comprehensive QC management for a complete picture of quality results.

Being able to associate QC records to your analytical records gives you complete traceability of all results so there is never a question of quality practices.

• Set limits, SD by material, analyte, level, lot
• Selectively apply Westgard Rules by priority
• Capture equipment results electronically or manually enter/edit values.
• Review results by date range, equipment, material with supervisory signoff
• Levey-Jennings chart presentation with multiple viewing options

LIMSABC Services and Support

Today's Public Health Laboratory is challenged with limited resources and staffing challenges. LIMSABC provides a system paired with the highest level of service and support. We can have you up and running on a state-of-the-art LIMS built to your specifications in a matter of weeks, not months.

By providing our laboratory and public health expertise with a flexible, cloud-based system, your lab can begin reaping the benefits of full workflow automation in a much shorter time, and at a much lower cost, than you may have thought possible.

Real time Business Intelligence

All Your Information at Your Fingertips.

We offer business analytics tools that are easy to build and easy to customize.

Create specific tools that you employees need for their roles - create dashboards for staffing showing work load by test, equipment or department. Provide supervisory oversight to inventory levels of reagents and supplies or show real-time productivity by department and team.


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