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02 Jul 2015

Toxicology LIS for Greater Efficiency

Efficiency is a word that has been thrown around the business world for many years, but what does it mean to have a truly efficient toxicology lab? Being efficient means the ability to achieve maximum productivity with a minimum of wasted effort or expense. It would be nice not to waste any unnecessary effort and man hours in the workplace. Using cloud toxicology LIS software may help limit unnecessary effort in your lab. The developers at LIMSABC are dedicated to doing all that they can to help toxicology labs’ employees become more efficient in their tasks with this exceptional cloud LIS software.


Abilities of Toxicology LIS Software

Toxicology LIS is a highly technical form of software, but it is also so much more. Cloud LIS software is a way in which patients, doctors, health organizations, and lab technicians can connect to provide better care for those who need it most. This may seem impossible, but a LIS system can work wonders for the technicians and the toxicology lab. Toxicology LIS software offers the ability to track patient medications and prescriptions, while also tracking point of care results. These results can be stored on the cloud LIS where those who need access can be allowed to see the results with a few simple keystrokes. The information is safe under the HIPAA rules, and can be set to private or public by an administrator of the system. This means fewer phone calls and little worry of lost records, as everything is stored locally in the cloud LIS software. As if this were not enough, toxicology LIS software can even calculate result consistency without the concern of human error. LIMSABC can make your lab much more efficient.

Cloud LIS for Better Organization

The benefits to patients are extremely high with this type of toxicology LIS system, but the lab itself can also be benefitted through the organization afforded by Cloud LIS software. LIS allows for EMR integration with the additional benefit of client and project management. This will be handy if a major outbreak ever arises or if data needs to be stored for an ongoing study. ICD-9 and ICD-10 information is easily entered with a few basic keystrokes. Even billing is made simple with HL7 billing integration and management of insurance providers. LIMSABC’s toxicology LIS software meets every need to streamline a typically tedious process.

LIMSABC, The Only Smart Choice

When a lab is tired of using an outdated or complicated system that can cause it to be less efficient, the choice to switch to high quality toxicology LIS software is a wise one. Call 800-834-86618 and you will be provided with a free consultation regarding LIMSABC’s state of the art toxicology LIS software.

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